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The Benefits of Using an Independent Insurance Agency to Get Car Insurance
February 16, 2023

The Benefits of Using an Independent Insurance Agency to Get Car Insurance

If you are in the process of registering your car, you’ll most likely have to buy car insurance. The law requires every driver to carry minimum levels of coverage. It’s an important mechanism to always help the policyholder behind the wheel.  
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Still, even though you must buy minimum coverage, you also can increase and expand your policy in most cases. By doing so, you’ll provide yourself with more effective protection. Your policy can substantially reduce your out-of-pocket burden following wrecks and other vehicle hazards.  

However, you might wonder where to start to build the right policy and get an affordable premium. Most people want choices and the ability to compare auto policy options. Sometimes, going directly to a big carriers’ website doesn’t provide this flexibility. The client might wonder if they are getting the right policy and most affordable prices.   

Why not consider working with an independent insurance agency? Independent agencies like San Angelo Insurance offer quality auto insurance options with a personalized touch. We make insurance personal by putting a friendly face on your car insurance search. Clients will walk away knowing that they have the best possible coverage. 

What’s an independent agency?  

Some insurance agencies, known as captive agencies, only sell insurance policies from one carrier. Independent agencies are different. We sell policies from multiple carriers. We give clients a wide selection of policies and a lot of choice when selecting coverage.  

When you choose to work with an independent agency, you’ll receive multiple benefits. Each can help you in your search for your perfect auto coverage. Some of the best perks of working with an independent agency include:  

Localized, Customer-Focused Services  

When you buy an auto policy directly from a major carrier, you often will not receive personalized services. You might have to complete the whole process online. Or, you might wind up working with an agent who is not local to your area and who doesn’t fully understand your needs. While this won’t mean you can’t get satisfactory coverage, there are better ways to design coverage that truly represents you.  

By working with an independent agency, you work with an insurance provider that is rooted in your community. Your agents are your neighbors, and they have the same insurance concerns as you do. They also understand the community where you live. They know how to recommend coverage to better tailor your policy to meet your driving needs.  

Ease of Contact  

Independent agencies are small businesses that take their customer service practices seriously. When working with us, you won’t have to deal with long hold times, multiple transfers and long waits for returned phone calls or emails. You can easily get in touch with our agents, who can then immediately get to work on the service you request. Whether it’s a new policy quote or a request for changes to your existing coverage, you’ll be able to take care of your policy needs quickly and easily.  

Plus, many independent agencies now offer customers the convenience of being able to pay their premiums through the agency. If you ever reach out to us with payment questions, we’ll point you in the right direction. We can also help you set up automatic payments and fund transfer accounts to make sure you never fall behind on your bill. 

Multiple Policy Options Available  

An independent insurance agency doesn’t have to sell the auto policies of just one insurer. Instead we offer policies from numerous carriers. This practice offers our customers numerous benefits and a better overall satisfaction. 

When you call us for a quote, we use state of the art quote comparison tools to review each carrier policy in our book of business. First, we will help you determine the coverage, policy limits, deductibles and endorsements that is best for you. Afterwards, we will be able to compare how similar plans from different carriers stack up. As a result, we can tell you which policies are most accessible to you.  

Additionally, we can tell you the pricing and discount opportunities available from each carrier. Therefore, we can help you find the one that offers you the most value for your buck. 

Easy Claims Services  

Car insurance claims arise from hazardous events like wrecks, fires, theft or vandalism. These events alone will already create a lot of headaches for drivers. You shouldn’t have to worry about additional stress when trying to file a car insurance claim.  

If you contact us first, we’ll be able to route you to the right parties to help you get fast service and get your claim in the works. We’ll be here for you throughout the claims process and can always provide resources for any questions you might have. Consider us your personal connection to a large insurance carrier. 

The benefits of working with an independent insurance agency are numerous. Your agent will always work with you one-on-one to make sure you get the appropriate coverage. You can put your trust in us to always help you with every type of service you need for your auto insurance. 

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