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Generator Tips for Your Home
April 8, 2024

Generator Tips for Your Home

When the power goes out in the winter, homeowners become concerned about their house getting too cold. The health of family members is an issue. In addition, pipes could freeze and burst, causing significant damage to the home. Many families rely on generators to keep their home warm when the power fails. However, generators have the potential to cause major issues as well. brown house near body of water

The biggest issue with a portable generator is that they emit carbon monoxide which can potentially be fatal. It doesn’t have a scent so it’s difficult to detect. If you will be using a portable generator, be sure to follow a few simple rules to keep your family safe.

  • Always keep the generator outside of the home. This includes keeping it outside of the garage.
  • Make sure it is not set up near windows where fumes could enter the home.
  • Install a carbon monoxide detector in your home so you will know if harmful gases are present. Verify that the detector you install has battery backup so it’s still useful during power outages.
  • Only attempt to power what the generator can handle. Check the wattage of the generator you are using and then determine which appliances can be hooked up. 
  • If a storm is predicted that might take out the power, be sure you have gas available to run the generator.

If you find that the generator you have is not capable of running all of the appliances you would like to run, consider doing rotations. Run the heater for a while and then switch and run the refrigerator. This will allow you to maintain all important aspects of your home without pushing the generator to failure.

In addition to preparing to properly use your generator, it is important to take additional steps to ready for a power outage. Verify that you have working flashlights in an accessible location. If loss of power means loss of running water in your home, verify that you have a stock of water on hand at all times. A supply of non-perishable food is also a good idea.

By following these tips, your family and home will be prepared for any power outages this winter. Instead of being a stressful experience, you will be able to handle the outage with ease.

We’ll help keep your home safe. Call Five County Insurance at 239-939-1400 for more information on Five County Insurance insurance.

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