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Storing an Antique Car
December 1, 2023

Storing an Antique Car

If you have an antique car, you understand the insurance risks your car faces. It often takes a lot of money to keep and maintain the car. If you lose the vehicle to a covered peril, it may cost you a lot of money. 

Covering an antique car with insurance can protect them from many risks. Insurance agents takes the car’s special status into account when building coverage. 

Antique Car Usage 
Antique cars are sensitive items. They face risks differently than the average vehicle.  antique car on the road

Most owners only drive these cars in special conditions. For example, an owner may only drive an antique car when the weather is good during certain seasons. That creates less exposure to elements that may damage the car’s older systems or decoration. 

Many owners store these cars away when they are not using them. By storing the car, owners reduce the risk of exposing the piece to the elements, theft or other threats. 

Tips for Storing an Antique Car 
If you’re an antique car owner, you know that it is important to store the car properly. Keep these tips in mind whenever you put the car away: 

  • Talk to your antique car insurance company. Many insurance companies can adjust your coverage levels to storage coverage. Storage coverage lessens the level of insurance for on-road risks. At the same time it maintains the coverage for storage risks. This may save you money.
  • Have the car serviced before storing it. Make sure all internal systems are in good order and don’t run the risk of corrosion if they aren’t run for a long period.
  • Clean the car if you’ve used it heavily. Wipe the interior down with a safe material that will sterilize the car.
  • Make sure the storage area is in good condition. Don’t put the car in a rickety storage shed where something might fall on it or a fire may start. Put the car in a well-maintained garage or building that keeps the elements out. Consider placing a protective cover over the car.
  • Remove all items from your car that shouldn’t be there. Food, liquids and other materials need not stay in the car where they could spoil.
  • Secure the garage or storage building. Lock the door. Keep an alarm or other system in place to alert you to potential threats. 

Storing antique cars is necessary for most owners. But, owners must handle storage appropriately so that they don’t expose the car to extra risks. 

Give Five County Insurance a call at 239-939-1400 today. We can get you the right antique car insurance for your needs. Go online now for a free, fast quote. 

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