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Insuring Your Farm’s Products
February 14, 2022

Insuring Your Farm’s Products

The goal of a farm is to meet consumer needs. Crops, livestock and various other agricultural products do more than just feed people. They also serve as supplements for manufacturing and technology. Therefore, the agricultural industry is vital to the American economy.

If you own a farm, you know that stable production is a key to a successful business. Strong output means that you can trade and sell more of your goods. This means you can increase your income. So, it’s important to protect production with farm insurance.1171420743.jpg

Why Is Farm Insurance Important?

Agricultural products are different from other materials that businesses might produce. Farms deal in animal and plant production, and these products can be difficult to control.

As a farmer, you need to protect your livestock and crops from disease, pests, theft and adverse weather. Just one of these issues could pose a costly threat to your profit, should it impact your produce.

You can often buy farm insurance for both your livestock and your crops. Insurance can help you recover lost costs in the event that an unforeseen incident hampers production.

·       Crop insurance can help you protect losses to your produce. It generally covers instances of weather damages and plant disease.

·       Livestock insurance can help you replace animals killed due to weather damage or disease.

Additionally, you should insure your farm equipment and your storage buildings. This can help you get back on your feet if either sustains damage.

Protecting Produce and Livestock

Even if you have livestock and crop insurance in place, you should take every opportunity to protect your agricultural products. If you neglect your crops or livestock, you could end up with degraded agricultural production. Neglect could also lead your insurer to deny any farm insurance claims, or even lapse your coverage.

Protect your interests with these procedures:

·       See to the well-being of your livestock. Feed them according to industry standards, and make sure they have protective housing. Also see to their medical needs. Keeping livestock healthy reduces the risk of disease infestation. Healthy livestock ensure that consumers receive safe products.

·       Follow industry standards when growing and harvesting crops. Make sure that your fertilizers, pesticides, machinery and growing conditions permit safe production. Protect these items during times of adverse weather or crop disease. Store harvested crops in sanitary conditions to prevent spoilage. Make sure to distribute these items using approved methods.

Remember, your raw materials will ultimately reach consumers. So, it’s your responsibility to ensure these products are safe for consumption. By insuring your livestock and crops, you can protect your bottom line and the consumer.

Five County Insurance has coverage options to meet your farm’s needs. Call us at 239-939-1400 for a free Florida farm and agribusiness insurance quote.

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