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Summer Car Safety Tips
August 12, 2022

Summer Car Safety Tips

Summer is upon us. Whether it’s just warming up in your part of the country, or you experience hot weather all year long, it’s important protect your car. Seasonal maintenance helps your loved ones and others stay safe around your vehicle.a person driving a car

Do a seasonal check-up.

The change of seasons is a great time to make it a habit to do routine maintenance on your vehicle. Rotating tires, changing filters and oil, and making sure all the fluid levels are optimal is a good start.

Check with your mechanic to know what’s best for your car.

Carry a spare key in your purse or wallet.

Few things are worse than getting locked out of your car in bad weather. If you have a spare key in your bag or pocket, you can simply turn a crisis into an inconvenience. There’s always the chance that you leave your purse or wallet in the car as well, but it’s quite unlikely.

Consider leaving a spare with a trusted friend who’s available and could come rescue you.

Open the windows a bit before locking up.

Letting air flow through the car will ensure the car doesn’t get too hot. Some interior items could get damaged in extreme heat. You may even get a slight burn on your leg or hands as you get in and touch the interior of a hot car.

Train yourself to do a double check of the car.

Sadly, every year there are kids and pets who left in locked cars for hours. The results are far too often devastating. Accidents happen, so create a new habit of double checking your car when you get out if you have kids or pets.

Better yet, leave your purse or wallet in the back seat so that you have to intentionally turn back or open the rear doors to retrieve it.

Replenish your First Aid kit.

Warm weather brings lots of outdoor events, which lead to cuts, stings and scrapes. Keep plenty of sunscreen in the car so that you’re avoid burns.

Make sure your auto insurance paperwork is in the glove box.

After winter, people tend to purge the car of anything unnecessary. Sometimes that includes important documents that you need in the car at all times. Check to ensure that your car insurance paperwork, title and registration are in the car in the event that you need them.

We’ve got your car insurance needs in mind. Five County Insurance can help you get a policy that will meet your insurance needs. One of our agents can help you get a fast, free quote now. Call us at 239-939-1400 for more information.

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